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  • Are your flowers fresh?

    Yes, flowers are delivered daily to our locations to assure that we have the freshest flowers and we pride ourselves on selecting only the best quality and highest grade of flowers available so you can be assured they are at their peak stage of beauty for your order.
  • Is it appropriate to send flowers to a memorial service?

    Yes, the gift of flowers is appropriate for any type of service.
  • How will I know if my gift of flowers has been received?

    When you order online, you will receive a confirmation of your order. If there is any problem with the name, time, location, or item you have ordered, you will be contacted by telephone. Otherwise, your order will be delivered to the appropriate location. At the service, the enclosure card sent with your order will be given to the family.
  • Is it necessary for me to complete all of the information on the floral order form?

    Yes. Without complete information for the recipient it can be difficult to make an accurate delivery. We want to be sure that your floral arrangement arrives in a timely fashion. It is also important that we have complete billing information. A daytime telephone number is particularly crucial so that we are able to contact you with any questions we may have.
  • Can I enter multiple gifts on one order?

    You can include multiple names and gifts for the same address, however each new address requires its own order. At the end of your order, there is a place another order button that takes you back to the order page. You will need to cut and paste the card text from your previous order, enter the product description, and input the new recipients information.
  • Where do you deliver?

    We deliver all over Cyprus.
  • Do you offer same day delivery? What about next day delivery?

    Yes. If a flower delivery order is received by noon in the recipient's location we will do our best to be sure your gift arrives the same day. If the order is received after noon, we will arrange for next day delivery. We cannot always guarantee morning delivery and Sunday delivery is not available.